Below is our 2024 pricing & additions for residential and commercial customers.
You can place an order at 8005566985.

The sod is 2’x5’, 10 sf per piece, and approximately  ¾” thick. Sod is a perishable product and the site should be completely ready before the sod arrives so that you can begin installation as soon as the sod is delivered.  

*It is important that we can access your address with an 18 wheel truck and that you install and water the sod as soon as it is delivered.

Farm pick up                    less than 500 sf          $0.62 per sf

                                           More than 500 sf          $0.59 per sf

The following are the prices for sod delivered according to the amount of sod that you order.  The sod is priced by the Square Foot (sf).  These prices are for deliveries made within 100 miles of one of our farms. 

Delivered Price;               500 – 900 sf                  $0.92 per sf

                                           1000 – 2900 sf                $0.70 per sf

                                           3000 – 5900 sf                $0.67 per sf

                                           6000 – 7900 sf                $0.64 per sf

                                           8000 – 9900 sf                $0.61 per sf

                                           10,000 +                            $0.63 per sf       

 You can place an order at 800-556-6985.

*Prices can change without notice. Prices may be subject to fuel surcharge.

Wholesale pricing for commercial customers.

Bluegrasses – Fine Fescues & Blends

Delivered Prices

500 — 900 sq. ft.              $.78/sq. ft.

1,000 – 2,900 sq. ft.         $.56/sq. ft.

3,000 – 5,900 sq. ft.         $.53/sq. ft.

6,000 – 7,900 sq. ft.         $.50/sq. ft.

8,000 – 9,900 sq. ft.          $.49/sq. ft.

10,000  +                             $.48/sq. ft.

F.O.B Farm – Pick up

500 sq. ft. or more     $.45/sq. ft.

Less than 500 sq. ft.   $.48/sq. ft.

Additional charges to the prices above

Big Rolls   +1c

Short Cut Bluegrass (3/4” ht.) + 2c per sf

Tall Fescue  + 2c per sf

High Fescue  + 2c per sf

100% Fine Fescue  + 3c per sf

High sand based sod + 6c per sf

Note: The amount of sod on a pallet is usually 500 or 600 sf but the amount can vary in order to most efficiently use the space on the pallets and trucks.


Pallet Deposit    $25 per pallet

Tube Deposit     $15 per tube

Laying Device  $500.

Bar $100.

*Prices can change without notice. Prices may be subject to fuel surcharge. 

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Office: 800-556-6985

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Bluegrasses – Fine Fescues & Blends