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Premium Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Kentucky bluegrass is the predominant high quality turfgrass for northern climates.
Bluegrass is the Cadillac of the lawn grasses, and it is the most admired cool season grass. Typically 4 or 5 varieties are blended together to offer genetic diversity. Kentucky bluegrass is most successful in full sun, well drained, fertile sites that are fertilized regularly and irrigated when necessary to avoid summer dormancy. It is cold tolerant and has the best ability to recuperate from foot traffic, athletic field play and wear and tear.  Bluegrass is highly recommended for well maintained residential landscapes, corporate office complexes, as well as athletic fields.



As its name implies, this selection is the most versatile that we offer. Versaturf is a combination of 3 different turfgrass species which maximizes the genetic diversity to improve success and adaptability. While the bluegrass and ryegrass will respond to good maintenance practices, fine leaf fescues are considered low maintenance grasses. Fescues will help this mixture adapt to a little more shade. With sound management practices, the bluegrass and ryegrass will dominate, but under a low maintenance regime, the fescues will become more evident over the course of time. Many ryegrass and fine leaf fescue varieties contain endophytic fungi that deter surface feeding insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworms. Versaturf is recommended for any home lawn, low traffic commercial sites, and even lightly used athletic fields such as Little League fields.


High Fescue

This is the ultimate low maintenance selection. The fine leaf fescues are well adapted to dry, infertile, acidic soils and are most tolerant of shaded conditions compared to other cool season grasses but still needs 4 to 5 hours of sun to establish and do reasonably well. Fine leaf fescues are slow growing and require little to no supplemental fertilizer. Not well suited for wet areas or properties with active irrigation systems or owners desiring a dark green, lush lawn. High Fescue is recommended for any low maintenance, low traffic, or dry shaded lawns. Best established in the spring or fall.

Premium Kentucky BluegrassA PICTURE OF THESUN.

25% Award Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Avalanche Kentucky Bluegrass
25% America Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Hampton Kentucky Bluegrass
This blend is available on a sand based soil.   This blend is also available at 3/4″ height of cut.

Versaturf – Bluegrass/Ryegrass/Fine Fescue iMAGE OF THE SUN WITH SHADE

20% America Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Award Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Hampton Kentucky Bluegrass
15% Victory Chewings Fescue
15% Jasper Creeping Red Fescue
20% Manhattan Perennial Ryegrass

Fine Fescue/BluegrassiMAGE OF THE SUN WITH SHADE

25% Jasper Creeping Red Fescue
25% Victory Chewings Fescue
25% Spartan Hard Fescue
15% America Kentucky Bluegrass
10% Jefferson Kentucky Bluegrass

Low Cut Bluegrass – Maintained at 3/4″A PICTURE OF THESUN.

25% Award Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Avalanche Kentucky Bluegrass
25% America Kentucky Bluegrass
25% Hampton Kentucky Bluegrass


Golf Course Products

1. Penncross Bentgrass maintained at 1/4″
2. 3 Way Blend – (Pennlinks, Southshore, L-93)
3. Penntrio – (Penncross/Pennlinks, Eagle)

We also offer A1-A4 grown on sand and maintained at 5/32″

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